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"I fell like Icarus, my wings unscathed before I hit Earth, a snap of hollow bone and blood painted the rocks and my feathers of gold and a bone stuck out from the half close to the base and the other half.. bent at an awkward down right angle, bone out of place in my skin.. I was a flightless angel."
just a para that popped in my 

Borderlands is a 
great franchise, k bye
Apocalypse: Wonderland 2
Left to right:
The Red Queen
The White Queen
The March Hare
The Dormouse
Apocalypse: Wonderland
Exports used:…

Wonderland isn't dream-like world like in the Disney and Tim Burton versions. It's post apocalyptic city that had many AIs and humans within it. the main AIs are 'Cheshire Cat' and 'White Rabbit' and plenty humans- two being Blue Caterpillar and Mad Hatter.. And then there's Alice she's the only scavenger human since other AIs are being sent out to decrease causalities against any of the mutated creatures outside Wonderland and other scavengers but she can handle herself quite well, she doesn't know much about wonderland every time she thinks about it other than two rival AIs control it- The White Queen and The Red Queen. 

White Rabbit: Time AI- W Rabbit is a very quick AI who times each time the scavengers go out and sometimes goes with them whilst conducting programmed tasks just as recording system ticks or Alice's heartbeat and breathing pattern and mending wounds.

Cheshire Cat: Guidance AI- C Cat mainly welcomes new comers to Wonderland and trains the scavenger AIs on how to fight but if the scavengers get lost without a map, C Cat goes to collect them and bring them back to Wonderland.

Mad Hatter- Where to begin? Mad Hatter used to be a scavenger like Alice before getting into a fight with a rival and kind of brain damage and general insanity and now mainly has tea parties with the AIs The March Hare and The Dormouse- faulty AIs who were supposed to be scavengers and took a liking to Hatter.

Blue Caterpillar- Caterpillar is head of security in the main city, ensuring nothing goes wrong even though when you pass her she's having a smoke, she's very laid back sometimes and other times she has a military like seriousness and constantly assigning patrols to the security AIs and humans, unlike Alice, she was never a scavenger but instead a simple baker until The Red Queen (One of the most perfect AIs.) Tried to set Wonderland ablaze by making her oven explode. Some say that's why she became head of security. 

Alice- Only human scavenger. A mute and clever girl is what Alice is and she's very very skilled with a couple of blades in hand and doesn't need a baby sitter. She can easily trick a person into harming themselves instead of her and be hidden in plain sight as if it's nothing- people have suspected she's an AI which is like C Cat and W Rabbit combined but she breathes, has a heartbeat, eats and sleeps and bleeds so she must be human... Right?
99% of all kisekae creations are women with breasts at  the 15 setting and thin bodies, WHY THE FUCK!? Unless you're crating porno anime or have an actual reason the breasts are that big THAT IS NOT SEX APPEAL or it's somehow relevant to your character's backstory DO NOT DO IT. In real life a woman with natural breasts that size and a thin body would have some serious back issues- and yes women do exist with the world's largest breasts but that's plastic surgery- not natural breasts. Breasts like the majority of your body is fat so to have massive breast similar to the 15 size setting in kisekae  naturally you'd have to have a lot of fat. I have seen creations that fix the impossibly big breast problem by the chest broadness smaller and the hips wider along with the shoulder width which is a good thing but there's a common gaff still: 'bimbos'. These creations have tan blonde women dressed in revealing pink clothes and with huge breasts and even smaller bodies and bimbo is 'attractive but stupid young woman' which is down right offensive. STOP. WITH. THIS. SHIT. Do something else to let out sexual frustrations than overuse a doll creator UNLESS THERE IS A REASON FOR A FEMALE CHARACTER TO HAVE LARGE BREASTS OTHER THAN HYPERSEXUALISING HER OR MAKING HER A 'BIMBO'. Thank for your time - Your local biologically female genderfluid aro ace deviant 
Another long line of inactivity.. I guess I can't help it, I don't really see this site as being interesting anymore  and I don't have motivation anymore to draw... I was hoping to get started again due to the school holidays but I guess not.
Either way... I'm hoping to start uploading fanfics here since I'm writing a lot more than I am drawing. I'm only drawing concept art or just random doodles, not actual full on original works like I used to.


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Robyn Devlin
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Hello.. My name is Robyn and I'm almost your average introverted hermit teenager.
I'm a writer and artist


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